CISOR Central Committee meeting

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The Central Committee is the highest authority in CISOR. The Central Committee hears and approves the reports on activities presented at the end of the mandate by the president and the members of the Central Office. It determines the overall policies of CISOR.

The Central Committee meets at least two times per year at the convocation of the current president. Each member country’s delegation is composed of a delegation leader who acts as the CISOR vice-president for their country, a technical delegate and a legal delegate, or their accredited representatives.

Belgium took over the presidency of CISOR on June 30th 2018 in Rovaniemi, Finland and the current president of CISOR is SWO (OR-8) Michel d’ALESSANDRO.

The CISOR  CC meeting and committees will be held in the Unique Centennial Hotel Tallinn, Endla 15.


* In accordance to a decision of CIOR Council, a country based discount code is asked when purchasing a ticked to the event. Each CIOR member nation and partner organisation has its own discount code and it has been distributed to the national member organisations.